Dr. S. R. Ndegwa

I am privileged to have led the Board of Management of Lenana School during the time when the Lenana
School Strategic Plan for 2020 – 2030 was developed. For the Board, the Strategic Plan is the key lodestar
for our work in guiding the School and its development over the next 10 years. Lenana School is blessed
with abundant assets that contribute to the education and nurturing of young Kenyan talent. These assets – if
carefully protected and expanded – can serve even more Kenyan boys to reach their full potential not only in
academics but also in sports, music, drama and the digital arts.
The Strategic Plan lays out the current status of the School, its staffing and its infrastructure as the basis
for a broad set of actionable plans that – once implemented – will position Lenana School to be one of the
leading public secondary schools in Kenya. The Board has great ambitions for Lenana School as a Centre
of Excellence for ICT; as a Junior Sports Academy developing a wide range of sport talent; and as a top
academic secondary school in Kenya. We are proud that Lenana School admits boys from all parts of this
country and moulds them in four short years into talented, responsible and ethical young men, with lifelong
bonds of friendship formed between students of diverse backgrounds and origins.
On behalf of the Board, I want to thank the School administration, the staff, the students, the parents and
most of all, the dedicated team of old boys – the Laibons – who worked tirelessly to develop this Strategic
Plan in a consultative and professional manner.
The Strategic Plan is ambitious for the Lenana School of 2030 in the same spirit that the Kenya Vision 2030
agenda is ambitious for the country as a whole. With commitment by the Board, the Ministry, the Laibons,
the School Administration, the Parents and all other stakeholders including corporate partners, we believe
that this Plan can lead Lenana School to new heights of learning and teaching that will benefit many young
Dr. S. R. Ndegwa – Chairman of the Board of Management, Lenana School