After months of bold conversations, thought-provoking work sessions, interactions, research, environmental
assessment, initiatives and goals, Lenana School now has a Strategic Plan that will be a guide for our 2020-
2030 journey.
My sincere appreciation goes to everyone who engaged either directly or indirectly in our strategic planning
process. First is the school Administration led by the Principal, Mr. Kemei; the PA Members; the BOM
Members; the Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff Fraternity; the Student Community; and the technical team
supported by the Laibon Society, among others. These teams provided invaluable feedback that helped
ensure the development of focused and realistic goals that align to the needs and aspirations of our School,
provided critical leadership during the strategic planning process, ensuring breadth of vision and continuity
of values, and encouraging a truly collaborative, inclusive process.
This Strategic Plan will help provide a framework and serve as an important guide to help our School succeed
bearing in mind the many national challenges facing our learning institutions. The recognized challenges and
opportunities will lay a firm foundation in strengthening our institutional capacity to help meet our goals and
strategic objectives.
Our mission “To provide an ideal school environment that contributes to the holistic development of students
in Academia, in Values and in Co-Curricular Activities” not only articulates our primary purpose to educate,
support and inspire students to excel, but also serves as a call-to-action for us to recognize the importance
of ensuring a firm foundation and acknowledgement of our core values. The upholding of our values as the
foundational principles for our aspirations will help in fostering the unity of purpose in meeting our mission,
vision and the goals identified in the Strategic Plan.
Our qualitative goals focus on delivering a quality curriculum and services to help students excel academically,
while our quantitative goals ensure the provision and improvement of various infrastructural facilities needed
to achieve this excellence.
I am confident that all these goals will help Lenana School enhance the work environment that will provide a
rewarding and rigorous educational experience for our students and a conducive working environment to all
our employees.
My thanks again to everyone who engaged in this strategic planning process, shaping the contents of this
plan and enabling the roll out of a dynamic guide for the future. Your continuous participation will be greatly
Dr. Matibe Obongo – Chairman, Parents’ Association of Lenana School.